Christmas Crackers: The History of the UK Tradition

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There are a lot of different Christmas traditions from all over the world. One of the UK’s biggest and most notable traditions is the Christmas Crackers. However, this old Christmas pastime is about more than just a fun way to package presents. It has a very interesting and detailed history as well.  Learning more about the history of the Christmas …


What is Hanukkah? An In-depth Explanation of Chanukah

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Wondering, what is Hanukkah? If you aren’t inherently familiar with this religion, then you may have some questions about Judaism’s biggest holiday—Hanukkah. The good news is, we have created a comprehensive guide for you on all things Hanukkah related. So you can gain a better understanding and hopefully a better appreciation for this beautiful holiday.  So, What is Hanukkah? Hanukkah …


Christmas Tree Facts – Everything You Should Know About Christmas Trees

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Most people in modern western culture have seen, owned or at least heard of Christmas trees. They have been a symbol of the Christmas holiday for years. Plus, they are a tradition that is filled with history and one that many families have held onto for generations. Yet, how many Christmas Tree facts do you know? So, while most people …


Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas-Why Do We Say One Over the Other?

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Walk down a festive, holly-trimmed street in December, and chances are you will be greeted with a hearty “Merry Christmas.” Here in the United States, this is the average greeting during the holiday season. Yet, it isn’t like that everywhere else in the world. Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas, why do we say Merry instead of Happy? Take a similar …


Why is Christmas on December 25th?

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Everyone knows that Christmas is a day dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. We also know the wonderful Christmas story about Jesus being born in the manger. But why is this holiday on December 25th? After all, there is no real way of knowing the exact date of Jesus’ birth.  There is no mention of the date of Jesus’ …

Is Santa Claus Real?

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Every year thousands of people send us letters asking us one question, “Is Santa Claus Real?”. We have personally met Santa and can tell you YES. But we want to take it a bit further and show you evidence of yesterday and today. We know it is hard for some to believe. Especially those that are older and have lost …

Santa Sightings

5 Santa Sightings That Will Make You Believe

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Every Christmas Eve I Spot Santa tracks Santa’s every move with the help of their video elves so kids can enjoy Santa’s sleigh ride. Throughout the years we have captured some of the most exciting Santa sightings in the world and we have placed them on our website. Here are 5 Santa Sightings that will make you believe again. Share …

Santa Claus’ Reindeer Facts

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We have spent many hours with Santa’s Reindeer, we have fed them, flew with them and even made them chicken noodle soup when they were sick. It is commonly known that Santa has 9 flying reindeer but he also has another 300 that he takes care of. When a reindeer is sick or homeless Santa takes them in and takes care …

Santa Facts – Magical Powers and Revelations

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Our employees are able to answer any question you have about Santa Claus. Because we know every Santa Fact there is. Santa has given us insight to some of his most important magical tricks and we have pictures of them. Have you ever wondered how Santa is able to transform himself into any size to fit into a chimney or teleport him and …