Why We Give Christmas Presents – The History of Christmas Gifts

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Ask any kid what they are looking forward to most about Christmas. Chances are, they are going to talk a great deal about Christmas presents. Even our Video Elf Dorf feels the same way. While it may sound like these kids are missing the real meaning of Christmas. Presents do have an important part in the history of Christmas and …

All About Advent – The Traditional Time Leading Up To Christmas

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Advent is one of the biggest religious traditions surrounding Christmas and is a popular way to count down the days until the big day arrives. Officially, this is the period of Sundays and weeks before Christmas. And it has a long and interesting tradition of why we use this countdown to mark the birth of Jesus. What Does Advent Mean? …


The Tradition of the Christmas Candy Cane

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Every Christmas stores and candy counters throughout the country are suddenly filled with bright, red and white striped candies. The Christmas candy cane has been a symbol of the Christmas holiday for many years. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of this holiday. While we may love these sweet treats, very few of us know where candy canes …


The 12 Days of Christmas: The Origins and History

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The 12 Days of Christmas is one of the most famous Christmas songs in the world. One that people from all over the world would recognize. On the surface, the song is about someone receiving an abundance of Christmas presents from their “true love.” However, the 12 Days of Christmas is more than just a popular holiday tune for the …


Christmas Crackers: The History of the UK Tradition

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There are a lot of different Christmas traditions from all over the world. One of the UK’s biggest and most notable traditions is the Christmas Crackers. However, this old Christmas pastime is about more than just a fun way to package presents. It has a very interesting and detailed history as well.  Learning more about the history of the Christmas …


What is Hanukkah? An In-depth Explanation of Chanukah

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Wondering, what is Hanukkah? If you aren’t inherently familiar with this religion, then you may have some questions about Judaism’s biggest holiday—Hanukkah. The good news is, we have created a comprehensive guide for you on all things Hanukkah related. So you can gain a better understanding and hopefully a better appreciation for this beautiful holiday.  So, What is Hanukkah? Hanukkah …


Christmas Tree Facts | Fun Trivia

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Most people in modern western culture have seen, owned, or at least heard of Christmas trees. They have been a symbol of the Christmas holiday for years. Plus, they are a tradition that is filled with history and one that many families have held onto for generations. Yet, how many Christmas Tree facts do you know? So, while most people …


Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas-Why Do We Say One Over the Other?

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Walk down a festive, holly-trimmed street in December, and chances are you will be greeted with a hearty “Merry Christmas.” Here in the United States, this is the average greeting during the holiday season. Yet, it isn’t like that everywhere else in the world. Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas, why do we say Merry instead of Happy? Take a similar …


Why is Christmas on December 25th?

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Everyone knows that Christmas is a day dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. We also know the wonderful Christmas story about Jesus being born in the manger. But why is this holiday on December 25th? After all, there is no real way of knowing the exact date of Jesus’ birth.  There is no mention of the date of Jesus’ …