Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

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The Galápagos Islands are very hot and very exotic. Yet, that it doesn’t mean that this island doesn’t get in on the Christmas spirit. Santa loves visiting the Galápagos Island every year on Christmas Eve. Especially the Galápagos tortoises which you can see above. As these massive turtles slowly comb the beach on Christmas Eve. That way they can look up into the sky and see Santa flying by!

This photo was taken by our video elf, Snowflake as she was taking a stroll along the beach. She spotted this Galápagos tortoise named, Sigmund and gave him some lettuce to eat. The Galápagos Islands at Christmas is a great place to photograph Santa.

Santa will never miss seeing these tortoise on Christmas Eve. Plus, since they live well over 100 years, Santa considers these tortoises old friends! We love seeing Santa with animals, check out Santa in Yongin, South Korea for more.

The Galápagos Islands are a beautiful and unique place to visit not only during Christmas, but all year round. These islands are right on the equator—so they get the same amount of darkness and light every single day! 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness daily. The only other country that can say that is the Republic of Kenya in East Africa

While some people may not think of the Galápagos Islands as a popular winter wonderland to spend Christmas. These islands have a a healthy Christmas spirit and a getaway for warmer weather. That’s why the Galápagos Islands at Christmas time is a fun and unique idea.

Galápagos Islands Christmas Facts

Want to learn more about how to celebrate Christmas at the Galápagos Islands? Here are some fun Christmas facts we think everyone should know!

  • Galápagos is actually a big tourist spot over the holidays. Since it is so warm and sunny here all year long. It makes for a fun and memorable Christmas vacation if you are looking to escape the snow!
  • The island has many different Christmas traditions. Holiday visitors are always welcome to join in on all of the fun.
  • Christmas is primarily celebrated on Christmas Eve (December 24th) with a big hot turkey meal. This meal is known as cene de nochebuena. 
  • Many people in Galápagos will pray the “Novena” on Christmas Eve. It is a prayer that details the story of Jesus’ birth. During this time, it is also customary to go Christmas caroling. Doesn’t that sound fun?
  • In the Galápagos Islands, you will see a big parade on Christmas Eve known as the Pase del Nino. This is the “Festival of the Traveling Infant Child.” This is an all-day parade that takes place on December 24th and reenacts the Nativity scene.

More Christmas Fun

One of Sanata’s favorite treats on Christmas in Galápagos is the Tronco navideno. Which is a chocolate cake that is very popular during the holidays. It is similar to the yule log served in America.

While those spending their Christmas holiday in Galápagos, likely won’t get a white Christmas. However, they can enjoy warm temperatures usually in the 80s and hardly any rain—perfect beach weather! In fact, many of our elves stay posted up round the beach. Just in case Santa wants to take a quick dip in the ocean between visits.

Here at I Spot Santa, we love the traditions that they celebrate in Galápagos. We know just how much Santa loves visiting this tropical island. Therefore, if you are thinking of going somewhere warm for Christmas, make sure to add Galápagos to your list! Check out over 100 other Santa Sightings including photos and videos here.

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