Quebec, Canada

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Quebec, Canada

Keep your eyes peeled to the sky! In Quebec, Canada there are countless little boys and girls who are just waiting for Santa. This is a fun place for Santa and his reindeer to fly through. Since you can often expect a white Christmas in Canada, especially Quebec.

Take a look at our video above, where Ribbon the elf captures Santa flying through this snow-covered Canadian town. It is typically a cold visit for Santa when he makes his way here on Christmas Eve. Many of the children of Quebec are not only ready with cookies for Santa, but with hot chocolate.

Looking at our video, you won’t just see Santa, but you will see the pretty urban setting of Quebec. After all, it’s one of the biggest and most populated provinces in Canada. And while some of these young children waiting for Santa speak English, many of them primarily speak French. Since there are more French families in Quebec than any other area in Canada.

Don’t worry, Santa knows French too, actually he know every language in the world! (read more Santa Facts) So he can still read all of the Christmas lists of the little boys and girls living in Quebec.

Canadian Christmas Traditions

Want to learn more about how families in Quebec celebrate Christmas? Here are a few more Christmas traditions in that are common in Quebec and around Canada:

  • Christmas cards are a big tradition in Canada! Many families have a lot of fun making creative, photo-filled Christmas cards for their friends and family.
  • It is tradition for kids in Quebec to get to open their gifts on Christmas Eve! Of course, they need to wait until Christmas morning to get their goodies from Santa!
  • Turkey and vegetables are the most common Christmas meal in Quebec. While plum puddings and tarts are more common for dessert. Yummy!
  • Christmas crackers are very popular with many people in Canada! If you haven’t tried at Christmas cracker, these poppers are a ton of fun. (Learn all about Christmas Crackers)

Finding Santa on Christmas in Canada

Our Video Elf, Ribbon loves going up to Canada for a Santa Claus spotting. Not only did she catch Santa in the act in the video above. She learned some more about the unique Christmas past times in Canada as well.

For example, there is a tradition in Canada known as Mummering. This is where people dressed as characters and go to each other’s doors and ask in a disguised voice “Are there any Mummers in the night?”

According to this little tradition kids are asking if they are welcome in their home. They then dance and sing with their neighbor and then continue down the street. According to the game, if the neighbor doesn’t recognize the voice—they have to join them in the “Mummering”. What a fun tradition!

We love this fun tradition in Quebec—and know that many kids in Canada love it too! Here at I Spot Santa, our elves love learning about traditions like this. We also know just how much Santa loves visiting fun places like this to see some of these traditions himself! 

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