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A Message from I Spot Santa Directors, Pasquale & Autumn Murena

Santa's Elves Facts are indeed mysterious, but we're fortunate to have met and worked closely with them.

While they're magical workers who can't be photographed or filmed, our close collaboration with 15 video elves has given us incredible insights into their world.

Dive into the enchanting realm of Santa's North Pole elves and our 15 video elves here at I Spot Santa to uncover their captivating secrets.

You can even check out our Reindeer facts here to go along with your favorite Santa Elf facts.




What do elves like to eat every day?

Their daily menu includes cookies, candy canes, snow cones, and a comforting mug of hot cocoa.



What are elves favorite hobbies?

They engage in lively snowball fights, crafting intricate snow angels, and enjoying a friendly game of goldfish with the reindeer.

Toy Making Facts

Dolls Per Hour

Bicycles Per Hour

Toy Trains Per Hour

Toys Made
Per Hour



At the North Pole, Santa Claus has efficiently organized his elves into two crucial departments: the first is the "Toy Builders Department," and the second is the "Transporters Department."

Both of these departments play integral roles in the daily operations of the North Pole, ensuring the magic of Christmas happens seamlessly. Take a look at the departments and the various jobs within them. Which department would you like to work in?

Toy Builders

Becoming a Toy Builder for Santa Claus is the highest honor an elf can achieve. The North Pole upholds rigorous regulations and high expectations for those who aspire to be part of this esteemed group of artisans.

The primary mission of Santa's Toy Builders is to ensure that every good child experiences a merry Christmas filled with joy and delightful surprises.

Becoming a Toy Builder is a prestigious achievement that requires dedication, talent, and a deep commitment to the magic of Christmas.

Santa's Toy Builder Talents

Painters add vibrant colors and intricate details to toys, bringing them to life with enchanting hues.

Wood Workers craft the foundation of toys, shaping and sculpting wooden pieces into charming playthings.

Seamstresses skillfully stitch and sew fabrics, creating soft and cuddly companions for children to cherish.

Assemblers meticulously piece together various toy components, ensuring each one is perfectly constructed for hours of fun.


Santa's transporters hold pivotal roles in the North Pole's operations, as they bear the crucial responsibility of ensuring that Santa can take flight for his annual Christmas journey.

These dedicated elves work tirelessly to maintain and prepare Santa's sleigh, reindeer, and all the logistics required to make the magical Christmas Eve flight a reality.

Their efforts are essential in spreading joy and wonder to homes around the world as Santa embarks on his extraordinary mission.

Santa's Transporter Talents

Stable Workers care for Santa's beloved reindeer, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and ready for their annual Christmas flight.

The Maintenance Crew keeps Santa's sleigh in tip-top shape, performing essential repairs and maintenance to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

The Logistics Team manages the intricate details of Santa's global gift delivery operation, from route planning to load management, ensuring a seamless Christmas Eve operation.

Flight Engineers specialize in the technical aspects of Santa's sleigh, making sure it's equipped with the latest innovations for a successful and magical journey.


One of the most common questions we get about I Spot Santa’s video elves is: “How did we meet the video elves?” The answer is, Santa Claus asked us in 2009 to start spotting him during the month of December to help spread the spirit and joy of Christmas.

He picked 15 of his favorite elves and asked them to work with us on this important task. These magical elves happily agreed and they are a great help in helping us spot Santa Claus. When we met with Santa we asked a lot about elf facts and he gave us many answers, we shared some with you below.

North Pole Elves



Where do they live?

During the month of December they are traveling all around the world, sleeping in the outdoors, which they love! During the off-season they live in a magical village that only 6 people know where it is.



How old are they?

The oldest video elf we work with is over 4000 years old and his name is Kringle. The youngest video elf is Buttercup just coming in over 700 years old. Despite their ages they are very healthy and active.



Kringle: The Wise Elder Elf

Kringle Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Europe

Meet Kringle, the eldest and wisest of Santa's Elves in our merry team. His long, flowing beard is as majestic as a snowy mountaintop, and all the other elves look up to him with great reverence.

Kringle's specialty lies in his boundless patience, a virtue that knows no equal. He's known to sit in one spot for an entire week if it means achieving the perfect result.

Kringle's enduring patience and wisdom make him an indispensable presence in our enchanting world of Christmas magic.

Crinkle: The Fearless Shutterbug Elf

Crinkle Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Europe

Allow us to introduce Crinkle, our intrepid Shutterbug Elf, whose fearless spirit keeps us all on our toes. While we sometimes hold our breath when handing him a camera, for there's a chance it might come back in pieces, Crinkle's daring nature is what makes him exceptional.

He's not your typical elf; in fact, he once found himself riding a bull while capturing a stunning photo of Santa in action.

Crinkle's courage and knack for capturing the extraordinary ensure that we have breathtaking snapshots of the Christmas magic in the making.

Whitney: The Charming Mountain-Topper Elf

Whitney Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Europe

Meet Whitney, the elf who has captured the hearts of all the girl elves with his rugged handsomeness and unfailing politeness.

But there's more to Whitney than just good looks and manners. He's an avid climber who finds joy in conquering every mountain, all in the pursuit of spotting Santa Claus himself.

Whitney's passion for scaling peaks and seeking out the magic of Christmas from the highest vantage points is both inspiring and enchanting.

Buttercup: The Enchanting Park Ranger Elf

Buttercup Elf

Santa Spotting Location: North America

Allow us to introduce Buttercup, the elf who's as cute as a button, with lovely brown hair and nails adorned in holiday colors. Her heart is drawn to the beauty of America's National Parks, where she spends most of her time in awe of the natural wonders.

While exploring these majestic landscapes, Buttercup's keen eyes are always on the lookout for the magical presence of Santa Claus.

Her delightful hobby also includes taking in the sweet scent of lily flowers, adding an extra touch of enchantment to her adventures.

Ribbon: The Sweet Santa Seeker Elf

Ribbon Elf

Santa Spotting Location: North America

Allow us to introduce Ribbon, the elf with a unique taste in dinner – candy canes are her absolute favorite! Spotting Ribbon is easy; her hair is elegantly tied into a charming bow using a candy cane-striped ribbon, a style as sweet as her personality.

But Ribbon isn't just a fashionista; she's also a world-class Santa seeker. With a keen eye, she can effortlessly locate Santa Claus in every country across North America.

Ribbon's delightful charm and magical fashion make her a true asset to our festive team.

Red: TheSavory-Sweet Elf

Red Elf

Santa Spotting Location: North America

Meet Red, our BBQ aficionado elf with a passion for spotting Santa Claus in the charming Southern States of the U.S. Red may have a stern appearance, but beneath that exterior is a heart as sweet as candy.

He not only helps us track Santa down in the southern regions but also holds a secret treasure trove of knowledge about the best BBQ spots in each of those states.

Red's unique blend of expertise in both Santa spotting and BBQ makes him a one-of-a-kind, savory-sweet addition to our Christmas team.

Snowflake: The Cool Fishing Elf

Snowflake Elf

Santa Spotting Location: South America

Snowflake, the elf who's always chill, even in the warm temperatures of South America. With no hair to protect his head, he's never seen without his trusty fishing hat.

Snowflake's unique approach to Santa spotting involves combining his two passions: spotting Santa near serene lakes so he can fish during his work. Although he's a dedicated angler, Snowflake hopes that a curious fish doesn't distract him from his mission to spot Santa.

His laid-back demeanor and love for fishing add a cool and refreshing touch to our festive team.

Charlie: The Compassionate Expedition Elf

Charlie Elf

Santa Spotting Location: South America

Meet Charlie, the intrepid expedition elf always prepared for his next adventure. He carries with him a precious compass, a gift from Santa Claus himself, in recognition of Charlie's heroic act of saving Prancer from a treacherous avalanche.

Charlie's unwavering dedication to the welfare of Santa's reindeer is truly heartwarming, and he enjoys the company of these magical creatures, who remain loyal and steadfast by his side.

Charlie's compassion and sense of duty make him an invaluable member of our Santa spotting team.

Jolly: The Merry Traveler Elf

Jolly Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Australia

Jolly is the embodiment of pure merriment, and there's no other elf who enjoys his job as much as he does. Perhaps it's because he has a special companion – a kangaroo named Little Foot – who accompanies him on all his Santa spotting adventures.

Jolly's extraordinary vision allows him to spot Santa from great distances, and he enhances this ability by using an eye patch to cover one eye.

This unique approach gives his other eye the power to zoom in and focus on faraway details, making Jolly an exceptional asset to our Santa spotting team.

Feliz: The Speedy Video Elf

Feliz Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Africa

Meet Feliz, the fastest video elf in the business, and she's incredibly proud to hold that title. Notably, she's the only one who has managed to capture photos of Santa in both Egypt and Tanzania in a single magical night.

But that's not all; in her spare time, Feliz loves taking on unique challenges like racing against Cheetahs. You see, Feliz has a remarkable gift – she can communicate with animals, making her the ultimate contender in these thrilling races.

Her speed and affinity for adventure bring an extra dash of magic and excitement to our Christmas crew.

Nessy: The Fearless Video Elf

Nessy Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Africa

Nessy is the undisputed champion of our video elves when it comes to toughness and fearlessness.

In a daring encounter, after capturing a photo of Santa, he found himself face to face with a daring adversary: a lion who swallowed his camera! Unfazed, Nessy displayed incredible courage and wrestled the lion to the ground until it relinquished the camera.

His unwavering determination to capture the magic of Christmas knows no bounds, making Locke an indomitable force on our Santa spotting team.

Flip: The Flipping Fun Elf

Flip Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Asia

Say hello to Flip, the elf with a signature move that adds a touch of whimsy to our Santa spotting adventures. Once he spots Santa Claus, he can't resist doing flips of joy!

Flip's incredible acrobatic skills are legendary, and he's been known to perform cartwheels that stretch from one side of Asia to the other, all without spilling a drop of his beloved Hot Cocoa.

His enthusiasm and knack for adding a dash of fun to the team's missions make Flip a delightful and unforgettable member of our crew.

Bing: The Mighty Miniature Elf

Bing Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Asia

Don't let Bing's small stature fool you; he's one of our most exceptional spotters. Despite his size, Bing has an uncanny ability to spot Santa Claus, and he dedicates most of his time to the vast continent of Russia, seeking out the magic of Christmas and often hiding inside nesting dolls.

In a remarkable Christmas tale, Bing once found himself accidentally gifted to the Tsar of Russia, becoming a cherished part of the royal festivities.

His small size conceals a big heart and an even bigger talent for Santa spotting, making Bing a cherished member of our team.

Blossom: The Resilient Elf

Blossom Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Asia

Meet Blossom, the determined elf with an unfortunate case of allergies that make her sneeze at the sight of flowers. Yet, despite this challenge, Blossom remains committed to her mission of spotting Santa for us.

Occasionally, her sneezes may give her position away just before capturing Santa in her video. However, her unwavering dedication and resilience ensure that nothing, not even sneezes, can deter her from helping us in our Santa spotting endeavors.

Blossom's perseverance and spirit make her an admirable and tenacious member of our team.

Tinsel: The Surfing Elf

Tinsel Elf

Santa Spotting Location: Every Island

Tinsel, our island-hopping elf extraordinaire, thrives in the sunny world of beaches and waves. She's not just an elf; she's an excellent surfer.

Tinsel's trusty turtle companion whisks her from island to island as she tirelessly searches for Santa Claus, spreading the magic of Christmas across the world. Her favorite spot? Fiji, where the sun shines brightly, and the waves are perfect for catching.

Tinsel's love for the islands and her knack for combining work and play make her an enchanting and adventurous member of our Santa spotting team.

If you have more questions about Santa's elves or anything else, feel free to ask below, and we'll be delighted to provide answers. Share these charming Santa's Elves Facts with your friends, and for more enchanting insights into Santa's Magic, explore further.

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  1. Dear Elves !:
    You elves work super hard. You rest a lot. You have a lot of work to do for next christmas and tell Santa we are so happy because he works so hard for us. We like you elves because you are magical and you make more presents.
    Nadia, wants a magical hat and a magical wand for magic tricks.
    Nina, wants the same . Can we have magic cards for magic tricks.
    Elves we love you so much . Please tell Santa we need magician suits / dresses and a crown.

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    My name is Griffin and we have an elf too. His name is Felix. Do you know him.
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