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A Message from I Spot Santa Directors, Pasquale & Autumn Murena

Santa's Elves facts are hard to come by unless you have met an elf and we have! Elves are magical workers that are impossible to photograph or film but since we have seen them numerous times and work with 15 video elves we know a lot about them. Learn all about the elves that work with Santa Claus at the North Pole and the 15 video elves that work with us at I Spot Santa.

Since we cannot photograph an elf we have drawn our 15 video elves below so you can see what they look like. Let us know which elf is your favorite and we will be sure to tell them.

You can even check out our Reindeer facts here to go along with your favorite Santa Elf facts.




What do elves like to eat everyday?

Every day elves eat cookies, candy canes, snow cones and wash it all down with hot cocoa.



What are elves favorite hobbies?

Elves love to have snowball fights, make snow angels and play goldfish with the reindeer.

Toy Making Facts

Dolls Per Hour

Bicycles Per Hour

Toy Trains Per Hour

Toys Made
Per Hour



At the North Pole Santa Claus has divided his elves into two departments, the first department is toy builders and the second department is transporters. Both of these departments are very important to the daily operations of the North Pole and without one of them their would be no Christmas. Look at the departments below and the jobs that make up that department, which department would you like to work in?

Toy Builders

Being a toy builder for Santa Claus is the highest honor for an elf. The North Pole has strick regulations for becoming a Toy Builder, here are some of the talents you need to have to become one.


Santa's transporters have some of the most important jobs, they ensure Santa can fly for Christmas.

Santa's Toy Builder Talents


    Almost every toy that leaves the North Pole has to be painted, weather a smiling doll face or eyes on a rocking horse.


    This is a talent that is as valuable today as it was when the North Pole first opened its doors. Wood workers build all the wooden toys.


    Sewing teddy bears together or cutting patterns for a dress, the North Pole seamstresses are the best in the toy making world.


    Once a toy has been painted, cut out or sewn together they need to be assembled. Assemblers put together over 523 million toys a year.

Santa's Transporter Talents


    Santa's sleigh cannot fly without his reindeer and these elves ensure they are well fed, cleanly groomed and in a healthy place.


    Before every ride, Santa's sleigh needs to be inspected for safety and maintained. Santa's safety is in these elves hands.


One of the most common questions we get about I Spot Santa’s video elves is: “How did we meet the video elves?” The answer is, Santa Claus asked us in 2009 to start spotting him during the month of December to help spread the spirit and joy of Christmas.

He picked 15 of his favorite elves and asked them to work with us on this important task. These magical elves happily agreed and they are a great help in helping us spot Santa Claus. When we met with Santa we asked a lot about elf facts and he gave us many answers, we shared some with you below.

North Pole Elves



Where do they live?

During the month of December they are traveling all around the world, sleeping in the outdoors, which they love! During the off-season they live in a magical village that only 6 people know where it is.



How old are they?

The oldest video elf we work with is over 4000 years old and his name is Kringle. The youngest video elf is Buttercup just coming in over 700 years old. Despite their ages they are very healthy and active.



Kringle Elf

Name: Kringle Location: Europe

The eldest elf that works with us, his beard is as long as he is tall and all the other elves look up to him. His specialty is his patience; he will sit in one spot for a week if needed.

Name: Crinkle Location: Europe

We are always afraid checking out a camera to him because there is a chance it will come back in pieces. He was once riding a bull when he got a photo of Santa.

Crinkle Elf

Whitney Elf

Name: Whitney Location: Europe

All the girl elves loves Whitney, he’s handsome and very polite to everyone. He’s an avid climber that enjoys hiking up every mountain for a chance to spot Santa Claus.

Name: Buttercup Location: North America

Cute as a button she is, with brown hair and holiday painted nails. She spends most of her time in America’s National Parks spotting Santa Claus and smelling lily flowers.

Buttercup Elf

Ribbon Elf

Name: Ribbon Location: North America

Her favorite dinner is candy canes; you will know when you see Ribbon because her hair is tied into a bow with a candy cane stripped ribbon.

Name: Red Location: North America

His favorite part of the US is the Southern States, he not only spots Santa for us down there but he can tell you where the best BBQ is in every one of those states.

Red Elf

Snowflake Elf

Name: Snowflake Location: South America

With the temperatures in South America and having no hair, he’s never seen without his fishing hat on. He tries to spot Santa near lakes so he can fish when he works.

Name: Feliz Location: South America

The fastest video elf in the business, she’s proud to say that she is the only one that has captured photos of Santa in Argentina and Columbia in the same night.

Feliz Elf

Jolly Elf

Name: Jolly Location: Australia

No other elf enjoys his job as much as Jolly, maybe that’s because he is travels with a kangaroo named Little Foot on all of his Santa spotting adventures.

Name: Nessy Location: Africa

Nessy is the toughest of our video elves, one year after getting a photo of Santa a lion swallowed his camera. He wrestled him to the ground until he gave it back.

Nessy Elf

Charlie Elf

Name: Charlie Location: Africa

Ready for his next expedition he carries a compass that was given to him by Santa Claus for saving Prancer from an avalanche. Santa’s reindeer are by his side.

Name: Flip Location: Asia

His signature move after spotting Santa Claus is flipping! He’s been known to do cartwheels from one side of Asia all the way to the other side without spilling his drink.

Flip Elf

Bing Elf

Name: Bing Location: Asia

He’s the smallest of our video elves but one of the best spotters we have. He spends most of his time in the large continent of Russia spotting Santa and hiding in nesting dolls.

Name: Blossom Location: Asia

She has a case of allergies and tries to stay away from flowers to stop her sneezing. She sometimes sneezes before a spotting missing Santa in her video.

Blossom Elf

Tinsel Elf

Name: Tinsel Location: Every Island

Since she works mainly on islands for us, she is tanned. Her specialty is sailing from island to island searching for Santa Claus and her favorite location is Fiji.

That's a lot of information about Santa's elves but you may have more questions so ask us below and we will answer. Share this these Santa's Elves facts with your friends and if you want to learn more about Santa's Magic check it out.

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  1. Dear Elves !:
    You elves work super hard. You rest a lot. You have a lot of work to do for next christmas and tell Santa we are so happy because he works so hard for us. We like you elves because you are magical and you make more presents.
    Nadia, wants a magical hat and a magical wand for magic tricks.
    Nina, wants the same . Can we have magic cards for magic tricks.
    Elves we love you so much . Please tell Santa we need magician suits / dresses and a crown.

  2. Dear Elves,
    My name is Griffin and we have an elf too. His name is Felix. Do you know him.
    Please let me know asap.

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