European Santa Tracker – Pictures and Videos

European Santa Tracker - Santa Claus Sightings

Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north. As a result this makes Santa Claus' flight shorter to Europe than any other location. This is why our video elves do such a great job of spotting him on this continent adding to our European Santa Tracker.

Our eldest video elf Kringle loves Europe and so do his helpers Crinkle and Whitney. Therefore he has stated numerous times, "Spotting Santa in Europe brings a delightful Christmas cheer to all." You can always learn more about our video elves on our elves facts page.

Look below for our Finland Santa sighting and see a rare sighting of Santa leaving a house through a chimney. This has only been caught on film by I Spot Santa and is a cheerful sighting to see.

Where would you like to see us spot Santa next? Leave us a comment below any pictures or videos and we will do our best to send a video elf there.