North Pole

Check out our newest Santa sightings from North Pole

It's not easy to travel to the North Pole and most people in the world will never have that opportunity, that's why we have a North Pole Santa Tracker. Those of us at I Spot Santa have had many opportunities to take pictures and videos of Santa Claus there but our most famous sightings from this region come from our Santa Spotters. Our Santa spotters are made up of three hilarious groups.

The North Pole Newsroom: Filled with an ensemble cast of wacky puppets, the North Pole Newsroom have been tracking Santa Claus longer than most of us have been around. They might not always see Santa but they are sure to make you laugh.

Dorf: 6-Time Emmy Winner Tim Conway reprises his famous role of Dorf for I Spot Santa. For over six years Dorf has been Santa's favorite elf and has helped us track Santa all around the world. Comedy doesn't get much better than this.

Chip & Bernie: The world famous Santa spotters have traveled all over the world helping Santa. When Santa has a problem he comes to brother-in-laws Chip & Bernie for help. They have saved Christmas on numerous occasions and you are sure to laugh with their crazy antics.

Where would you like to see us spot Santa? Leave us a comment under any video or photo and we will do our best to send a video elf there.