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The world famous Santa Spotters, Chip & Bernie have traveled around the world spotting Santa Claus and spreading the spirit and joy of Christmas. Brother-in-laws by force, friends by choice these two men have single handedly saved Christmas on more than one occasion. Chip is an idea-man who finds ways to trick Bernie into sticky situations and Bernie is a hard-worker that gives his all for Christmas. Santa Claus calls them both his friends even though Chip calls him regularly for presents.

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Dorf has many hats and only one toupee in the Santa Spotting world. He is one of Santa’s top elves and over 50 years ago he was put in charge of Santa’s Research and Development Team. Since then we have seen no new developments but Dorf feels he is close to a break through. He has been a friend and mentor to Chip & Bernie always being there for them during their toughest hours. In his off time he makes direct to video training films on his favorite sporting events.

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Since the first reports of Santa Claus being spotted in the night skies the North Pole Newsroom has been there. Kent Cook, a great red-nosed field reporter travels the world spotting Santa Claus. He sends his reports to the snarky orange news anchor Agrapino. The NP Newsroom is the only reliable news source for Santa sightings and they are always working hard and drinking eggnog. Kent Cook is a longtime friend of Chip & Bernie and they frequently work together.

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Skip & Lenny are archenemies of Chip & Bernie and have sworn to live a life of evil with one goal in mind-ruin Christmas. Even though they are dimwitted, their malicious ways make them one of the largest threats to Christmas. They have tried numerous times to stop Christmas by stealing Santa’s Magical Bell or framing Chip & Bernie to be scoundrels. They are employed by E.V.I.L. Incorporated and despite the 65 times they have been in prison they breakout every year at Christmas time.

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The head of the organized crime unit E.V.I.L. Incorporated, Dr. Inconceivable is a notorious gangster. His real identity has never been known but he has been linked to the great wrapping paper shortage of 2009 and the the exploding Christmas present prank that left 1000’s of people eyebrow-less. He is the puppet master of Skip & Lenny putting them up to no good. When he is not out trying to stop Christmas he is preparing to try and stop Christmas.

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2-PAY-PI is the world’s only robot that has a direct line to the North Pole. Invented by Chip, this is the way Santa Claus and Dorf communicate with Chip & Bernie. He has one eye that works, which makes it impossible for him to enjoy a 3-D movie and he’s known to bump into objects. He communicates in beeps that only Chip can understand and his antenna is used for video feed when a message comes in from the North Pole.

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