Magical Reindeer Food (Printable Poem for Bags)

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While it’s a cherished tradition to leave cookies and milk for Santa, have you ever wondered about his faithful reindeer?

Santa Claus, the master of holiday magic, fuels his team of eight merry reindeer and Rudolph with a special formula of magical reindeer food before embarking on their epic Christmas Eve flight. The more they feast on this enchanting concoction, the swifter they soar through the skies, spreading the spirit and joy of Christmas to homes far and wide.

But here’s a twist that takes the magic to new heights:

Meet Chip and Bernie, who’ve added their own unique flair to this tradition. Drawing inspiration from their time working in Santa’s barn, where they’ve had the privilege of caring for the reindeer, they’ve devised an ingenious idea.

On a remarkable day at the North Pole, a situation arose where Santa’s beloved reindeer went missing. In a stroke of ingenuity, Chip and Bernie decided to spread this enchanting magical food all across the North Pole, hoping to guide the reindeer safely back home. Miraculously, their plan succeeded, and a Christmas crisis was averted, ensuring that the holiday season was filled with joy and celebration as always.

Today, Chip and Bernie generously share this remarkable recipe with you, ensuring that Santa’s reindeer can easily find their way to your home and enjoy a tasty treat. They rely on the incredible I Spot Santa’s Magical Reindeer Food and load it into a specially crafted Reindeer Food Blower. With this ingenious device, they disperse the enchanted food far and wide, not only across their own yard but also throughout their entire neighborhood.

Now, let’s talk about the heart of this tradition – the magical reindeer food itself. Here’s a wonderful recipe that you can easily prepare. On the eve of Christmas, before you tuck into bed with dreams of Santa and reindeer dancing in your head, you can sprinkle this magical food on your front lawn, creating a dazzling trail leading right to your chimney.

(Print at home here)

Magical Reindeer Food Recipe

  • 1/2 cup uncooked oats
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup red and green sugar crystals/sprinkles

Don’t forget to add these yummy foods for Santa and his reindeer too. It’s a great way to show your appreciation to Santa Claus and his merry reindeer!

  • Carrots
  • Cookies and Milk

Magical Reindeer Poem

As you scatter this enchanting food, remember to utter this special message, that invites Santa’s reindeer and wishes them a safe and swift journey through the starry night.

“We sprinkle this magical food with love and care,
To help Santa’s reindeer fly through the air.”

With this beautiful tradition, you’re not only preparing for Santa’s arrival but also partaking in a magical ritual that blends the wonder and warmth of the holiday season. It’s a testament to the power of belief and the joy of spreading love and goodwill to all, and it’s a tradition that will be cherished for generations to come.

Print at Home

Create a festive touch by printing this poem at the comfort of your home. Simply print it out, carefully cut along the lines, fold it with care, and then lovingly attach it to your ziplock bag filled with enchanting reindeer food. It’s a delightful way to add an extra layer of magic to your holiday traditions!

(Print at home here)

Easy to do Steps

1. Cut the Tag: Trim out the tag.

2. Fold it: Fold it in half neatly.

3. Make a Hole: Use a hole punch or a pointed object to create a small hole near the top.

4. Tie Securely: Attach it to your Magical Reindeer Food bag with a ribbon, ensuring a snug fit.

5. Recite the Poem: Start the magic by reading the poem aloud:

“We sprinkle this magical food with love and care,
To help Santa’s reindeer fly through the air.”

Make Sure to Share

Remember to make sure to share the poem above and Merry Christmas! Let us know if you can name all of Santa’s reindeer in the comments below.

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