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Mrs. Claus’ Favorite Christmas Recipes: Cookies and Breads

There are so many great Christmas family traditions. Here at I Spot Santa, one of our favorite Christmas traditions has to be coming together to bake Christmas recipes. This is a great time to spend with family and a great way to spread holiday cheer.

When you make your favorite Christmas recipes, you can enjoy them for yourself. Take them to your holiday party, or deliver them to a neighbor or friend who may need some cheering up. We love making Christmas recipes and giving them to others to show them the real spirit of Christmas.

Mrs. Claus Christmas Recipes

Making these recipes is a lot of fun, but it’s also important to make sure you have the right ingredients. This is why we have gone to the biggest authority on all things related to Christmas sweets—Mrs. Claus!

I Spot Santa has direct communication with elves from the North Pole through video chats. These elves are kind enough to give us the inside scoop on what is going on at the North Pole. Including what Mrs. Claus loves to bake most. We’re here to pass on this inside scoop to you!

Christmas Recipes-Cookies

It should come as on surprise that Mrs. Claus loves baking Christmas cookies. After all, Santa Claus’ favorite treat is milk and cookies. Here are her favorite sweet treats to bake:

  • Holiday Nut Drops Recipe- These are a super easy recipe for anyone to make. If you love almonds you will love these little cookies. They are one of the favorites of the elves up in the North Pole. In fact, Mrs. Claus can never make enough of these nutty cookies for the nutty elves up north!
  • Gingerbread Cookie Recipe- Nothing says Christmas quite like Gingerbread! This recipe is the official Mrs. Claus-approved Gingerbread cookie recipe! Cut them into your favorite shapes or use this recipe to make a Gingerbread house!
  • Candy Cane Cookies- If you like arts and crafts then you will love making these adorable Candy Cane Cookies! These sugar cookies are twisted together with red and white to look just like real candy canes! The recipe couldn’t be easier and the cookies couldn’t be any cuter!
  • Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies- Do you love chocolate? We know we do! And if you are a chocolate fan then you will love these Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. Mrs. Claus says she can’t eat just one at a time! Make sure to show your mom the recipe and make it together!
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies- These are the BEST soft and chewy Snickerdoodle cookies, and Mrs. Claus says that Santa can’t get enough of them. If you want to impress Santa on Christmas Eve try this recipe out—he is sure to gobble them up!
  • Chocolate Crinkles Recipes- Chocolate lovers look no further! Mrs. Claus has the recipe for you. These Chocolate Crinkles cookies are so easy to make and so delicious, that this recipe is on of our easiest!
  • Extra Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe- There are chocolate chip cookies and then there are extra chocolate chip cookies. These chocolate chip cookies have so much chocolate in them, you won’t believe your eyes! Nor will your taste buds! Leave it to Mrs. Claus’ favorite recipe to be the most delicious Christmas cookie around!

Mrs. Claus wanted us to remind everyone that the best part about baking things is…Sharing! Cookies are easy to share during the holidays!

Christmas Recipes-Breads

Baking Christmas bread has been a fun family tradition for many years! In fact, the elves tell us that this tradition has been around since the 1400s. Christmas bread isn’t the same bread you use on your lunch sandwiches! They are sweet, delicious bread that the whole family is going to love.

There are a lot of different Christmas breads, but these two are Mrs. Claus’ favorites:

  • Mrs. Claus Christmas Bread Recipe- This bread is filled with fruit, sugar and plenty of cinnamon! It is so good, you have to try it to believe it. It is also a great treat for your teacher—and the recipe is very easy!
  • The Very Best Banana Bread Recipe- The elves almost didn’t share this recipe with us because they want to keep it a North Pole secret. This delicious banana bread recipe is so tasty, the elves gobble it down in minutes!

If you want to switch it up for Santa, consider making him some of this Christmas bread this year!

According to the elves, Mrs. Claus encourages everyone to bake these with their parents, siblings or best friends. When you are done, try some for yourself. Then bring the rest in to share with your class or for your next Christmas party. Always remember to bake with a grownup and save us a cookie too!