Central & South America

Central America & South America Santa Claus Sightings

Go South of the boarder with I Spot Santa as we visit Central and South America. Our video elves Feliz and Snowflake are in charge of this area and work very hard to spot Santa Claus here. These are some of the hardest regions to get sightings of Santa because he does not travel there as often as other regions. That's why our Central and Southern American Tracker is one of the most difficult to use.

Santa's reindeer are not accustomed to the warm temperatures but don't you worry. Santa and his merry reindeer will never miss a visit on Christmas Eve and all the good boy and girls will still get their presents.

If you want to learn more about Santa's reindeer you can read all about them on our reindeer facts page.

Where would you like to see us spot Santa? Leave us a comment under any video or photo and we will do our best to send a video elf there.