Beloved actor, Tim Conway brings Dorf to life in a way that will have you laughing from the North Pole to the South. Dorf is no ordinary elf; he’s Santa’s right-hand man, always ready to lend a hand and a hearty dose of hilarity.

Conway’s portrayal of Dorf, with his whimsical antics and slapstick humor, has endeared him to audiences of all ages. From his classic routines to his unforgettable character “Dorf on Golf,” Tim Conway’s physical comedy is legendary.

Join Dorf as he teams up with Chip and Bernie, spreading joy and mischief in equal measure as they embark on hilarious escapades to save Christmas and share the magic of the holiday season. Dorf is a true Christmas comedy gem, and his misadventures are sure to leave you in stitches.

Don’t miss a moment of laughter and merriment with Dorf and his friends at I Spot Santa!

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