DIY Advent Wreath Craft for Kids

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Get ready for a joyful and creative Christmas season as Santa’s reindeer Cupid invites his pals, Chilly and Stormy, the penguin twins, over for a special crafting adventure. Together, they’re on a mission to make an Advent Wreath, a delightful symbol of the season’s anticipation and hope.

As we embark on this magical crafting journey, we’ll not only create a beautiful wreath but also discover the deeper meanings behind its candles and decorations. Join us in celebrating the Advent season with this fun and educational Advent Wreath craft, perfect for kids of all ages.

advent wreath

Meaning of the Candles:

  • Hope (The First Candle): The first candle is like a spark of hope. It reminds us of looking forward to something exciting, just like waiting for your birthday or a special holiday. This candle says, “Something wonderful is coming!”
  • Love (The Second Candle): The second candle is all about love. It’s like a big, warm hug from family and friends. It reminds us to show kindness and care to everyone around us. This candle says, “Love is important, and we should share it.”
  • Joy (The Third Candle – Pink or Rose): The pink or rose candle is like a giggle or a belly laugh. It’s about being happy and having fun, just like playing with your favorite toys. This candle says, “Let’s be joyful and enjoy life!”
  • Peace (The Fourth Candle): The fourth candle is like a calm and quiet moment when everything feels just right. It reminds us to be calm and kind to others. This candle says, “Let’s bring peace and happiness to the world.”

A Special Tradition: These four candles help us get ready for a very special celebration, just like getting ready for a big party or a holiday with lots of presents. You light one candle each Sunday leading up to Christmas.

meaning of advent candles

Evergreen Holly:

  • Holly: Holly stays green all year, even in winter. It’s like the hope and love that God gives us, which never goes away, even when things seem tough.
  • Red Berries: The red berries on the holly represent Jesus’ love for us. Just like how He came into the world to show us love and bring us happiness. So, when we see holly and its red berries at Christmas, it’s a beautiful reminder of God’s love, hope, and the joy that Jesus brings to our hearts.

advent wreath craft

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Tape

Print at Home

(Print at home here)

You can easily enjoy this delightful Advent Wreath craft in the comfort of your own home. Simply download and print the craft sheets provided here. Once you have your materials ready, follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own Advent Wreath.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to engage in a meaningful and creative Christmas activity while learning about the Advent season’s significance. Gather your crayons, scissors, glue, and get ready to embark on this joyful crafting journey!

Easy to do Steps

1. Color the sheets: Candies 1, 2, and 4 are purple and candle 3 should be pink or rose.

2. Cut the Tag: Cut out your work and get your tape and glue ready.

3. Roll your Candles: Roll the candles and paste them together with glue.

4. Attach your Candles: Fix the candles with tape over each circle on the wreath. You can push the flames down and lift them up on the right days.

5. Make the Wreath. Add the decorations to make a beautiful wreath.

Make Sure to Share

Don’t forget to share the joy of your beautifully crafted Advent Wreath with family and friends! Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #ISpotSanta to inspire others to embark on this heartwarming crafting journey.

It’s a fantastic way to spread the holiday cheer and celebrate the Advent season together. So, let’s create, share, and make this Christmas season even more special with our Advent Wreath craft.

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