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Santa has to travel across the entire world in one night when he delivers presents on Christmas Eve. This means Santa gets to see a lot of really cool places. It also means big cities, tropical islands and amazing wild lands such as those in Madagascar. So what is Santa Claus called in Madagascar and have we seen him there?

Santa in Madagascar

We sent our most adventurous field elf, Charlie, out to Madagascar. Hoping he could spot Santa flying through the air. After all, Charlie says he isn’t afraid of the elephants, lions and tigers that call this country home.

While Charlie did have a scare thinking there was a hungry lion behind him. He found out that roar was actually the sound of Santa’s sleigh. Luckily, Charlie already had his camera out to take some pictures of the wildlife when he heard Santa coming. So he was able to capture a video of him flying through Madagascar.

In this video above, Santa is flying over the iconic Baobab trees in Antananarvio Madagascar. This was one of the most adventurous places we have ever sent one of our elves. We like to think that it was worth it for this beautiful video. However, you will have to ask Charlie if facing off against hyaenas was really worth it.

Madagascar’s Beauty

When it comes to visiting Madagascar, Santa knows that there is no place quite like this country. Around 90% of the plants and animals that can be found in this country can only be found in Madagascar. Plus, Santa likes to say that the friendly kids and families in this country are just as unique as the en environment. They are some of the kindest individuals that Santa gets to visit.

Charlie took the time to get to know some of the many families that call this country home. Charlie found that there is a lot more to Madagascar than big animals. There are a lot of big Christmas traditions as well. While they may not get snow in this country, they still know how to really get in the Christmas spirit!

What is Santa Claus called in Madagascar?

In Madagascar, Santa Claus is called ‘Dadabe Noely’. That’s what all the kids and parents call Santa in the beautiful country of Madagascar.

Christmas Poems in Madagascar

There are many children in Madagascar who will recite a popular poem around Christmas time. This poem is a great way for everyone to get in the Christmas spirit and to be excited about the big night. Here’s how it goes:

A very popular Christmas poem that children perform in Madagascar is:

Krismasy re no tonga {Christmas is coming}
Falifaly ny kilonga {Children are happy}
Krismasy tena fety {Chrismas is really a feast}
Ho an’ny kely sy vaventy {For littles and for adults}

We love this Christmas poem and Charlie loved learning it. In fact, now Charlie won’t stop reciting it to all of us here at I Spot Santa.

This poem is really popular for kids in Madagascar. Do you have any Christmas poems or songs that you love reciting? Let us know in the comments below!

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