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Flying into the historic city of Barcelona, Spain is Santa Claus and his merry reindeer. Barcelona is the capital of Spain and is known for its stunning architecture and beautiful cathedrals. However, there is more than just beautiful buildings that contain churches in Barcelona. There are many beautiful homes that contain good girls and good boys that are waiting for Santa to arrive. Let’s learn more about Christmas in Spain.

Two of our video elves, Jingle and Holly, even captured a Santa sighting in Barcelona. You can see Jolly Ole Saint Nick flying through beautiful Barcelona. When Santa flies through this city, he isn’t just celebrating “Christmas” he is celebrating “Navidad.” That is what the holiday is called in Spain.

Christmas in Spain

On the night of Christmas Eve, before families start settling in for the evening and waiting for Santa Claus. You will find families sitting down to a family dinner. Christmas Eve is a big celebration here in Barcelona! Many times it goes late into the night and even early to the next morning. Fortunately, most little ones will make their way to bed in the middle of the night. This way they are fast asleep so that Santa can come and leave them some gifts.

During these celebrations, you may also see a festive dance known as Jota. Jota is a lively holiday dance that the people of Spain have been performing for hundreds of years.

Christmas Traditions in Spain

Want to learn more about how Barcelona families celebrate Christmas? Here are a few more Christmas traditions in Spain: 

  • Barcelona is a very religious city and on Christmas Eve many families go to Midnight Mass or “The Mass of the Rooster.” Then they wait for Santa to arrive. The mass got this name, based on the story that a rooster crowed the night Jesus was born.
  • Christmas meals are a big deal in Barcelona and many families will have a traditional Spanish Christmas dinner before their Midnight Mass. This traditional meal is a Turkey stuffed with truffle mushrooms.
  • Many people eat seafood for their main meal on Christmas Day. 
  • Instead of saying “Merry Christmas” on the holiday—you say “Feliz Navidad.”
  • Children not only get presents on Christmas Day, but they also get presents from “the King” on the Epiphany. The Epiphany takes place on January 6th. This is the day following the popular 12 Days of Christmas that we all sing about each year.

Barcelona is a fun and festive city, so there are always plenty to do. Including parades, parties and social events that have everyone celebrating Christmas in style!

Here at I Spot Santa, we want to spread holiday cheer all year long to families all over the world. Families from across the globe all have their own unique traditions and celebrations. We love honoring the traditions these families celebrate while they wait for Santa to arrive!

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