Santa Tracker 2023

Are you wondering where Santa is right now? Do you ask yourself, “where is Santa” all during the year? Or do you think about what Jolly Ole’ Saint Nicholas does in the off-season? Maybe you want to track Santa and have all these questions answered? Or are you just looking for a Santa Tracker?

The Santa Tracker from I Spot Santa is here to help you keep track of exactly where Santa Claus is. Hey, this is what we do and we’re proud of it!

If you are anything like us, then you aren’t just interested in spotting Santa on Christmas Eve. You want to know what Santa is doing all during the year! And here at I Spot Santa, we make sure to keep track of Santa Clause 365 days a year. Santa is a busy guy with lots to do, so you better believe he is always out and about.

And this year we are happy to announce we have an even better 2023 Santa Tracker with even more sightings.

Video Elves That Help Track Santa

At Santa’s workshop there are two types of elves. Toy Builders' and Transporters, these roles are important to make sure the North Pole runs smoothly. Santa realized early on that not every elf fit into these two categories and he needed to give these elves work.

That’s where I Spot Santa came in. Santa sent us 15 elves to better suit their skills of exploring and spotting. These 15 elves are known as our Video Elf Department and they work closely with Santa’s top Elf Dorf.

Chip and Bernie Official Santa Trackers

The hilarious Chip and Bernie, always have silly antics from feeding reindeer to making their own radio program. These two have traveled around the world spotting Satna Claus and spreading Christmas joy and spirit.

These two are brother-in-laws who may joke quite a bit with each other and who may be quite different. Yet, these two guys have one thing in common: they love Christmas. In fact, these two have saved Christmas more than once!

Santa has even given them the key to the North Pole as a thank-you for all their hard work.

These two also help operate our live Santa Tracker so that other Christmas fans can spot Santa all year long!

Dorf Santa’s Favorite Elf

While Dorf may be a bit silly with his toupee (that never stays on his head). When it comes to spotting Santa, Dorf is always serious. Dorf knows all about Santa because he is one of Santa’s top elves and has been so for many years.

If you want to stay on top of Santa’s whereabouts—Dorf is here to help.

Dorf wears many hats, not just a Christmas hat. He is in charge of Santa’s Research and Development Team, check out the videos of Dorfing test new equipment. He even mentors Chip and Bernie and helps them stay on top of all things Christmas. His funny videos and Santa sightings will help you keep the Christmas spirit all year round.

The North Pole Newsroom Team

After I Spot Santa captured the first photo of Santa, we knew we needed a team of professionals. We needed help reporting on more Santa sightings and we have it thanks to the North Pole Newsroom Team!

This team has expert field reporters like the hilarious Kent Cook. He’s an authority when it comes to spotting Santa Claus.

Kent Cook always travels around the world and looks to capture videos and photos of Santa. When you want to know exactly where Santa is, Kent Cook and the newsroom team are there to help!

We have the largest collection of Santa Claus pictures and videos on the internet. So you can see Santa fly through the sky, pop out of the chimney or even play with his reindeer. We have Santa sightings in big cities like London, Paris, and New York!

We have video elves tracking Santa Claus all year long—and you never know when a new sighting will happen. Make sure to come back for more Santa sightings daily. You can even sign up for I Spot Santa updates and have updates sent directly to your email inbox.

Our Video Elves Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions for us about Santa and all of his whereabouts? Right them below and we’ll answer. We have all of the answers for you, from the people who know Santa the best—his elves!

Does Santa Ever Get Lost?

How does Santa navigate around the world on Christmas Eve and not get lost? The elves know the answer: Santa’s magical bell. This magical bell not only helps his reindeer fly but helps navigate his flight.

This bell was given to Santa by an elder elf and the magical bell allows Santa to navigate around the world. This way he can spread Christmas cheer to everyone. You may even be lucky enough to hear Santa ring his bell when he flies around on Christmas Eve night. So listen closely!

This magical bell is very important to Santa. And one year, it was actually stolen until Chip and Bernie found it. You can learn more about this crazy story here.

Who is Santa’s Favorite Reindeer?

Everyone knows that in order to make it to everyone’s home on Christmas Eve Santa needs his reindeer! But who is Santa’s favorite reindeer? He doesn’t have one!

Santa and his team of reindeer are very close and Santa loves them all equally. They spend a lot of time together throughout the year. Santa loves petting them, brushing them, and giving them lots of carrots.

Do you want to make sure that all of Santa’s reindeer get their favorite snacks on Christmas Eve? Then make sure to make some of our reindeer magical food for them.

How Fast Does Santa’s Sleigh Go?

Santa has A LOT of work to do on Christmas Eve. This is why we are able to spot him practicing throughout the year. So, how fast does his sleigh go when Santa has to get to more than 90 million homes in one night?

It goes faster than the speed of light! The elves know all of the math because they are responsible for helping to keep Santa’s sleigh up and running. According to the elf team in charge, his top speeds are 650 miles per second—which is 3,000 times the speed of sound!

Luckily, our state-of-the-art live map is able to capture Santa’s super-fast speeds. This way you can get live updates on where he is, no matter how fast he is moving.

How Bright is Rudolph’s Nose, Really?

The elves always get this question about Rudolph—and trust us, when we say it is very bright. Rudolph’s glowing nose is one of the many reasons that Santa is able to make it safely to everyone’s house.

You see, Santa has to travel at night so he can leave presents while everyone is sleeping. It is not only really dark, but a lot of times there are clouds, snow, and sleet in the way. Making it hard to steer! Thanks to Rudolph’s bright nose, Santa can always find his way.

Think about the brightest red Christmas light you see on your favorite Christmas tree—then multiply that by 100! That is how bright Rudolph’s nose is, and thank goodness it is! The only problem is, sometimes the elves have to wear sunglasses when feeding Rudolph to protect their eyes!

How Does Santa Get Down the Chimney?

Santa has a lot of chimneys to go down and a lot of homes to enter every night. It’s not like Santa just rings the doorbell and comes through the front door. So how does he do it all?

Our elves tell us that Santa has a magical hat. This hat allows Santa to transform himself into any size or to teleport anywhere in a split second.

We were so amazed by this magical hat that we decided to go out on a mission and find it. In fact, our Santa Spotters Chip and Bernie actually found Santa’s magic hat once. Trust us when we say it is amazing!

How Does Santa Know Who Gets Presents on Christmas Eve?

With his naughty and nice list of course! One of the many things that the elves help Santa with all year long is creating his naughty and nice list. The elves have special magic that helps them keep track of who is being naughty and who is being nice. Then they report back to Santa about all of the kids around the world.

Santa keeps track of all of this on his naughty list and nice list. Don’t worry, even if you have done something naughty. Santa knows that doing enough nice things can help you get on the good list. Don’t forget, Santa works on this list all year long, so it doesn’t count if you are just good right around Christmas. Santa and his elves watch all year long.

Want to know if you’re on the naughty list? Check out our official Naughty or Nice List quiz.

How Many Presents Does Santa Deliver?

There are elves at the North Pole that work in the Toy Building department. They are in charge of keeping track of all of Santa’s presents that he delivers.

According to the last count, Santa delivered 526,041,115 presents last year. That is a lot of gifts! This is why the elves have to keep busy all year making and wrapping presents!

How Accurate is the 2021 Santa Tracker?

We had the elves look at our Santa Tracker to see how accurate our live Santa map is. Not to brag, but the elves were more than impressed with our live map. They even asked us for tips on how to keep their own Santa Tracker as accurate as ours.

After all, the elves need to keep track of Santa as well when he is out on Christmas Eve. Just in case Santa needs some help while he is flying around the world.

What Does Santa Do When Christmas is Over?

As soon as Christmas is over, Santa and Mrs. Claus take a short vacation. This way, they can rest after the Christmas season is over! This is also when the elves are allowed to take a trip of their own. But most of them don’t because they love working for Christmas! When they do go, many of them love going to the beach and putting their toes in the sand.

However, these vacations are pretty short, because everyone has to get right back to work. The next Christmas season arrives right away. It takes all year to get ready for Christmas Eve.

How Many Elves Are There?

The North Pole can be a crowded place because there are a lot of elves that live up here! In fact, according to our last roll call—there were 1225 elves living at the North Pole. That means a lot of little elves sitting together at lunchtime!

Come Visit Us on Christmas Eve to See Our Live Map in Action

Here at I Spot Santa, we know that the most important day of the year for Santa is Christmas Eve. We also know it is the most important day of the year for good little boys and girls who are waiting for their presents. This is why we offer live, to-the-minute updates all Christmas Eve long.

We know that while it is fun to see Santa throughout the year—Christmas Eve is the big night. And the good news is, we are the only place you can find a live map of what Santa is up to, in real time!

Updates Every 15 Minutes

Our live map tracks Santa’s every move and gives you updates every 15 minutes. This way you can follow Santa and his reindeer as they fly all over the world delivering presents to homes across the globe. Whether Santa is making stops in Spain, soaring through Asia, or flying high across Africa. Our Santa tracker will be on his every move.

We are here to track Santa 24/7, 365 days a year. But we know the most important day of the year is Christmas Eve. So make sure that you come back the night before Christmas. When our live map launches you will be able to see Santa’s whereabouts live as he flies around the world.

In fact, we have a new state-of-the-art tracker that we put on his sleigh. So no matter how high he flies, how fast he goes, or how remote of a town he visits. We know where he is.

Can’t Wait Until Christmas Eve? You Can Track Santa Now!

If you are still counting down the minutes and seconds until Christmas Eve, don’t worry, we still have Santa updates for you. You see, Santa doesn’t just stay at the North Pole making toys all year round—he is still flying around the world.

After all, how else can he practice for the big night? Plus, his reindeer need some exercise in the off-season!

Santa is always out and about scouting his locations and spreading cheer and magic around the world. Even when it isn’t Christmas Eve! This is why we have a team of reporters who are always on the lookout for Santa sightings all year long. And the great news is—we have seen Santa quite a bit!

You can rest assured that Santa is out there practicing for the big day. And we’ve seen him doing it. In fact, we have over 100 Santa sightings from all over the world. We’ve seen Santa on almost every continent and we have the pictures and videos to prove it.

Where Can You Track Santa Now?

Always Tracking Santa

We like to make sure that we don’t bother Santa, especially around Christmas time. After all, he is very busy! These photos and videos remind us, just how much work Santa puts into making Christmas as magical as possible.

The 2020 Santa Tracker is going to be keeping you up-to-date on where Santa is all around the world. So make sure to check back as often as you can!

Take a look below at some of the many places we’ve seen Santa before as you keep counting down until Christmas Eve!