Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa flies his sleigh through Neuschwanstein to celebrate Christmas in Germany. Take a look at our video above captured by video elf Crinkle. Here we have video footage of Santa flying through the charming German city of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. This is one of the most beautiful stops on Santa’s journey across the country. Also, one that is filled with eager children just waiting for their Christmas presents.

Look closely at our video, you won’t just see Santa. You might see a famous castle built in Anaheim, California. If this castle looks familiar to you there is a reason for it. Walt Disney actually used this castle to inspire Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Therefore it stands at the end of Main Street in Disneyland.

If you’re looking to see more videos of Santa in Germany try seeing him work his magic here.

Do They Celebrate Christmas in Germany?

Yes, they do! Not only do they Celebrate Christmas in Germany but on the 5th of December they have another special tradition. After we give you some of our other favorite German Christmas traditions we’ll tell you about the 5th of December. Not to mention how a polished boot can spread more Christmas cheer.

Christmas Traditions in Germany

On Christmas Eve in Neuschwanstein, families will have their homes decorated to the nines in anticipation for Santa’s big visit. However, if you look closely at the Christmas trees in this town you will notice something unique. You will find that Christmas angels are the most popular decorations on the trees. 

Want to learn more about how German families celebrate Christmas? Here are a few more Christmas traditions in that are common in Neuschwanstein and around the country: 

  • Advent is very important in Germany. You will find most German boys and girls will count down to Christmas with their own Advent calendars. Which, features 24 different bags or boxes, each with their own little presents in it.
  • Christmas meals traditionally have Carp or Goose as the main dish. 
  • In German, there are many Christmas markets in the days leading up to Christmas Day. There are thousands of markets all over Germany, including many in Neuschwanstein. Here you can buy gifts, ornaments and trinkets as well as food and sweets.
  • The Christmas Stollen is a popular treat on Christmas in Germany. This German Christmas cake is sweet and is made with nuts and fruits.
  • On Christmas Eve, you will find star singers who go from house to house singing songs and collecting money for charity. Most caroling groups will feature four children, with three dressed like the Wise Men. Then one child carrying a star on a stick as a symbol for the Star of Bethlehem.
  • The main day for presents in Germany is Christmas Eve—when families tend to exchange gifts. Of course, then it is time for Santa to come! 

What’s In a Boot?

Furthermore, in Germany, Christmas Eve isn’t the only night where a man in a red suit comes and delivers presents. St. Nicholas Day is a popular Day in Germany and actually takes place on December 5th. Kids clean and polish their boots, and leave them outside before going to sleep. The next morning kids can expect small gifts and candies in their shoes as a gift from St. Nichols.

Here at I Spot Santa, we love some of the traditions that they celebrate in Germany and know that Santa loves visiting this vibrant country too. We’ve already spotted Santa once in Neuschwanstein, Germany on video. Yet, we are hoping to get another sighting of Santa in this city again soon. Check out over 100 other Santa Sightings including photos and videos here.

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