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5 Santa Sightings That Will Make You Believe

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A Message from I Spot Santa Directors, Pasquale & Autumn Murena

Every Christmas Eve I Spot Santa tracks Santa’s every move with the help of their video elves so kids can enjoy Santa’s sleigh ride. Throughout the years we have captured some of the most exciting Santa sightings in the world and we have placed them on our website. Here are 5 Santa Sightings that will make you believe again.

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1. The First Santa Sighting Captured on Camera

On Christmas Eve in 1913, a photographer was photographing a trapeze artist stunt on top of the world’s tallest building in New York, the Woolworth Building. This photograph was taken by accident and almost destroyed.

Learn all about it here.

2. Santa Claus Caught on Video at Barcelona, Spain

Two of our video elves, Jingle and Holly traveled all around Europe trying to spot Santa Claus for I Spot Santa. With the help of sophisticated equipment, they calculated that Santa would be flying over Barcelona, Spain on December 24.

Watch video here.

3. Santa Caught on Camera over Peppermint Falls, North Pole

Being able to find the location of the North Pole isn’t easy and spotting Santa Claus when you are there is even harder. Here is a famous waterfall at the North Pole that flows year-round to generate electricity for Santa’s Village. We captured him in a photo.

See the photo up close here.

4. Santa Flies Over Forest, Sighted by NP Newsroom

The North Pole Newsroom is the definitive source for Santa sightings around the world. These Santa Spotters run the wacky newsroom that helps I Spot Santa search for Santa Claus. This is one of their videos showing evidence of his existence.

Watch video here.

5. Santa’s Magical Christmas Bell

Chip & Bernie are world-famous Santa Spotters that work with Santa Claus and I Spot Santa. When Santa’s magical bell, the one that makes his reindeer fly, was stolen he asked the Santa Buddies to find it. We captured their adventures with Santa on film.

Watch video here.

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