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While Santa Claus is the big man in charge up in the North Pole. He isn’t the only one working hard and working his magic in order to make Christmas a possibility. Let’s talk about a few. There is Mrs. Claus of course. There are the many elves that help make the toys and run the North Pole. And there are Santa’s reindeer. Without the reindeer—Santa wouldn’t be able to get from place to place on the big night.

The reindeer have a lot of work to do. They have more than 500 million presents to help Santa deliver. This means a lot of work and a lot of flying from Santa’s reindeer. And getting in shape for Christmas night is a full time job. In fact, the reindeer are constantly practicing, all year long. They make sure that they can get everyone the presents that they need.

The Magical Reindeer Valley

Santa’s reindeer love getting daily exercise and love flying around with each other. And they do all of this at Reindeer Valley. This is where all of the reindeer go to practice their flights for Christmas Eve. To make sure they are ready to get Santa and all of his presents everywhere they want to be.

We have heard a great deal about Reindeer Valley. So we sent some of our video elves out to this big field in the North Pole. This way we can see the reindeer practicing and flying about. And boy was it a sight to see!

Santa’s Reindeer Flying

The first thing our elves noticed is—catching reindeer on film can be hard work. The average flying speed for a reindeer is 684 miles per hour. That is pretty fast! Luckily, when the reindeer are practicing in the Valley—they typically don’t go at full speed. So we were able to capture them on film. Otherwise, they just look like big blurs!

The reindeers practice so that they can get faster, move better and so that they can avoid accidents. Not even reindeer are perfect, and a handful of accidents do happen every year! Luckily, no reindeers have bene hurt so bad that they can’t finish their Christmas Eve duties! Thank goodness!

Reindeer Facts

Here at I Spot Santa. We love Santa’s reindeer and think they are some of the coolest animals out there. This is why we even have a Reindeer Facts page! This way you can learn more about all things reindeer and what these magical animals can do.

There are nine different reindeer that help make Santa’s sleigh fly. Without all of them working together—Santa would never make it everywhere he needs to go on Christmas Eve. Flying a sleigh is a team sport.

The reindeer of course are: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. Each of these reindeer has their own unique personality and their own unique flying style that makes them an important part of the team. This is why they work so well together.

Who is your favorite of the nine reindeer? Let us know by writing a comment below.

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