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Most people know that Santa lives in the North Pole. But have you ever really thought about where Santa lives in the North Pole? Where is Santa’s Home and what does it look like? Well, we have answers!

Santa has his own festive cottage right in the heart of the North Pole. He likes being in the center of town so that he can visit all of his elf friends and visit his reindeer. Santa also is known for being one of the best neighbors on the block. He is always helping people fix toys and has plenty of parties all year long. Mrs. Claus is always making some delicious sweet treats for everyone in the neighborhood.

Santa’s Home – Cute Little Cottage

Santa’s cottage is a very important place for him and Mrs. Claus. Just ask Santa the night after Christmas Eve. After a long evening of work, Santa comes right back to his cozy cottage to relax and unwind and celebrate that another Christmas night was a success. After all, Santa has never missed a kid or a Christmas Eve in all of his years of working.

So, what exactly does Jolly Ole’ Saint Nick do after he delivers more than 526 million presents?

He celebrates with a dance of course!

Dancing Santa Claus

We’ve heard all about Santa’s dance moves from the elves. In fact, they always talk about Santa’s traditional post-Christmas dance. He can’t help but show off his moves at all of the North Pole weddings too. Well, our team was determined to see this all unfold live, so we set up some cameras last year. We are happy to report that we caught Santa’s infamous post-Christmas Eve dance celebration.

Take a look at the video above to see Santa bust a move for yourself!

Here at I Spot Santa, we love sending our reporters all around the world to not only see if they can catch a glimpse of Santa in action. And to learn about other countries, cultures and Christmas celebrations. We talk a lot about traditions because traditions are important. Even for Santa!

In fact, we would say that this is one of Santa’s favorite traditions. Unwinding and dancing after a long night of work!

Unwinding After Christmas Day

When Santa is done dancing around, he puts his feet up by the fire in his cozy cottage. Then Mrs. Claus makes him a nice plate of warm cookies. This is all before Santa and Mrs. Claus take a post-Christmas trip to unwind and relax together of course!

We hope you enjoy getting to see Santa have a little fun and learning more about Santa’s cottage. As you can see even Santa puts up a tree and some Christmas decorations to get in the mood. What type of Christmas decorations do you put up to get your home ready for Christmas?

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