Asia, Africa & Australia

Asia, Africa and Australia Santa Claus Sightings

The three large continents of Asia, Africa and Australia have had many Santa Claus sightings throughout the years. We have sent six of our video elves there to help spot and track Santa for us: Jolly, Nessy, Charlie, Flip, Bing and Blossom. To learn more about our video elves checkout our elf page for more information. 

As our video elves travel these continents they are fortunate to spot not only Santa but also Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Spotting Rudolph is never easy and a rare sight indeed so make sure you check out our Rudolph sightings too.

Where would you like to see us spot Santa? Leave us a comment under any video or photo and we will do our best to send a video elf there.