Reindeer Valley, North Pole

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While Santa Claus is the big man in charge up in the North Pole. He isn’t the only one working hard and working his magic in order to make Christmas a possibility. Let’s talk about a few. There is Mrs. Claus of course. There are the many elves that help make the toys and run the North Pole. And there …

Chip & Bernie in The Marketing Plan

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Spreading the spirit and joy of Christmas is what Santa does best. This year he has asked for some extra help from Chip & Bernie to reach more believers around the world. The enthusiastic Santa spotters come up with a marketing plan that is guaranteed to work. With the help of Kent Cook, 2-Pay-Pi and Chip’s wild ideas they might …

North Pole, Santa Fishing

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Merry Christmas everyone! After Santa’s long sleigh ride on Christmas Eve he takes a little rest fishing at his favorite spot in the North Pole. Where is your favorite spot to see Santa Claus?

Dorf and Rudolph with Tim Conway

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Rudolph is missing! What will Santa do on Christmas Eve without his talented reindeer? The team here, at I Spot Santa needs to find him! Don’t worry, our official Santa Spotter, the always funny, Dorf (Tim Conway) is on the job. Dorf is on the lookout for Rudolph in Dorf and Rudolph. When Dorf found out that Rudolph was missing, he …

Chip & Bernie: The Misfits 1 of 4

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The highest honor that you can receive from the North Pole is the Key to the North Pole and Santa Claus is presenting Chip & Bernie this honorable gift. Since the world famous Santa Spotters saved Christmas and has helped spread the spirit and joy of Christmas it is only fitting they should receive one but someone is out to …

Dorf and the Transporter with Tim Conway

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Dorf (Tim Conway) is back at it again in his latest Christmas adventure. He has some new technology to try out too! If you know Dorf like we do, you know that he is always up to something. And this time, he is out to try to help Santa move even faster on Christmas Eve. Let’s delve into Dorf and …

Dorf Bigger is Better with Tim Conway

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Dorf (Tim Conway) has a very important message for all of you that are thinking about buying him a gift this year. Since Dorf is always thinking ahead he was giving you some tips on what to buy him for Christmas. Our favorite elf is taking time out of his busy schedule at the North Pole so make sure you …