Houston, Texas

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I Spot Santa’s video elf Buttercup grabbed a great video of Santa Claus visiting Houston, Texas. The city is the 4th most populated in the United States, that is a lot of families Santa gets to visit on Christmas! Enjoy Santa spotters!

Some Texans still celebrate Christmas like the old days by decorating with wreaths of barbed wire centered around an old boot. Another fun wreath is that of cactus pads strung together to celebrate the beauty of the Texas desert.

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  1. Spot Santa flying over
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Midland, Texas
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  2. Dear Santa, I know I haven’t been too good this year, but with coronavirus its been really hard. I can feel that as each year passes on i believe you in you more. P.S. are their different kinds of elves because my elves look a lot different than all of my friend’s elves.- Grant F, Texas

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