Serengeti, Africa

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On Christmas Eve, Santa takes a trip down through the wild plains of Africa as he makes a trip to visit the families living in Serengeti. However, there is more than just stunning wildlife and beautiful backdrops in this city. There are also many good girls and good boys that spend their Christmas Eve nights just waiting for Santa to arrive.

Two of our elves even captured a Santa sighting in Serengeti, where you can see him flying along the plains and even along a few of the native African animals as well! This was a particularly fun stake out for our videographer Charlie, who is a big animal lover. While Charlie often got distracted by the animals in Serengeti—he still managed to spot Santa when he came by.

In fact, while Charlie was looking for a real life sighting of an African Elephant. He quickly saw Santa fly by in his sleigh! Everyone on the team, and all of the animals in the plains were delighted to see Jolly Ole’ Saint Nick fly by. That is because even our four-legged friends in Africa love seeing Santa on Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve night, families across Africa do more than just wait to see if they can spot Santa. There are millions of people in Africa who celebrate Christmas. In fact, in Africa, Christmas is a national holiday, just like it is in the United States!

Christmas in Africa

Here’s what you can expect families in Serengeti doing while they celebrate Christmas:

  • It is traditional for families to sing carols on Christmas Day.
  • Roasted meats are popular options for Christmas meals.
  • Nearby, in Ethiopia and Egypt—Christmas is actually celebrated on January 7th. So those in Serengeti who have families in this area often travel to celebrate the holiday on this date as well (if their families abide by the Gregorian calendar).
  • It is very warm in Serengeti during Christmas—which means you can’t expect to see a white Christmas while celebrating in Serengeti.
  • Most families will go to Church on Christmas and play out the nativity scene. It is also common for young children to perform dances on Christmas day as part of the celebration.
  • In Malawi, and even in some areas of Serengeti, you will see children performing Christmas songs and dances door to door with homemade instruments to bring Christmas spirit. Many times, they will receive money, candies or a small gift in return for the entertainment!

There is always plenty of Christmas spirit around Serengeti—and there is no denying that Santa loves visiting this area of Africa. This is also why this has been one of our favorite hot spots to go and try to spot Santa ourselves.

Here at I Spot Santa, we want to spread holiday cheer all year long to families all over the world, including those in Serengeti. Take a look at the video above to see if you can spot Santa too!

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