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The North Pole Newsroom is up visiting Santa’s Village again. And they are “sticking” to their plans to spot Santa in action. After all, this is not only where Santa lives, but where he should be spending his time right now. He’s getting all of his toys and elves ready for Christmas but that doesn’t stop him from practice flights. You can never be too prepared for a holiday as big as Christmas!

It is snowy up in the North Pole and everyone is already busy getting ready for Christmas. Our most mischievous field reporter Kent Cook is on the scene and searching for Santa Claus. He’s hoping that Jolly Ole’ St. Nick will make an appearance.  

The Magic Of The North Pole

However, Kent is about to quickly realize that the North Pole really is as fun and magical as everyone says. It really is filled with snow, Christmas magic, elves, toys…and of course candy! Lots of candy! This is about to be a big challenge for this field reporter—and his sweet tooth!

Kent is on the scene to do his best to spot Santa. He’s looking for clues as to where Santa may be spending the season as he prepares for Christmas Day. However, it may be harder than it seems when there is candy at every turn. There is a lot of commotion going on in the North Pole. So let’s hope Kent can stay focused on the task at hand and get a real Santa sighting.

Our North Pole Newsroom team is here to make sure that families from around the country are able to stay on top of all of the excitement going on at Santa’s home. After all, most news teams won’t travel that far north and brave the snow. Just to get an update on Santa—but here at I Spot Santa, you can always count on us. We make sure you are staying up-to-date on everything going on near Santa’s Village. 

A Sticky Situation

We’ve recorded some live footage of reporter Kent Cook outside Santa’s Village. Doing his best to avoid the candy temptations and fill us all in on the happenings up North. Check out his set from the North Pole to see if Kent spots Santa. Or if he has to take a sugar break and is tempted away by all of the candy he sees.

The team here at the North Pole Newsroom is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all things Santa. They act as your eyes and ears in the North Pole as we wait for the big day to get here. We want to spread Christmas cheer every day, even when Christmas may seem far away! 

Make sure to check out our video coverage above. You never know what that Kent Cook will end up uncovering when he’s on the case. Or who he will run into while searching for Santa.

Looking for more fun from the North Pole Newsroom, check out all their adventures here.

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  1. When you see Santa please tell him that my fur littles have been through so much this year, they deserve a few treats and toys this year. They are good babies who left the state with me. Its been a hard few months. Also tell Santa to listen to Mrs. Claus she is always right and to drive safe. Xoxo
    Merry Christmas and brightest blessings.

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