Free Christmas Word Search Puzzle for Kids

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Santa Claus loves to do his Christmas word search puzzle but that wasn’t his intent. Santa gave Chip & Bernie a very important list to take care of, all his favorite Christmas words. Chip & Bernie accidentally dropped this list and now all the words are scrambled. Can you help them find these words in this free Christmas word search puzzle?

How to Download Your FREE Christmas Word Search Puzzle?


Chip & Bernie have prepared this word puzzle for you. All you have to do is ask a parent to help you print this off at home.

What Do You Need for Your Christmas Activity?

All you need is a printer and this simple material that you probably already have at home.

  • Crayon, pencil, or pen
  • And Most Importantly, a Great Attitude!

After you print out your word puzzle maybe you’ll want to do more activities. Check out our activities page for more fun crafts to do at home.  There are numerous fun crafts to do with your friends and family.

Instructions to Use Your Christmas Word Search Puzzle

Chip & Bernie just made a mess of Santa’s favorite Christmas words. Can you find each one of these words and circle them?

We appreciate your help and so does Santa Claus!

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