Is Santa Claus Real?

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Every year we get thousands of letters asking us one question, “Is Santa Claus real?” Being that we have sat in a warm cottage on a chilly night sharing hot cocoa with Santa we can give you an undeniable YES. We want to take it a bit further and show you evidence of yesterday and today.

The First Photo of Santa

The first image of Santa Claus was captured by mistake, in 1913 by an Italian-American photographer. It was during a trapeze artist stunt, performed by Giuseppe Crudera, who was on top of the world’s tallest building in New York, the Woolworth Building. This event took place on Christmas Eve.

Enhanced Photo of Santa

The photographer thought he had a smear on his lens and almost threw away the negative until he enhanced the photo and spotted Santa Claus. This man became the first person the be recognized by the President of the United States as an official Santa Spotter.

Further Evidence

After our famed photographer spotted Santa Claus in his photo he went out to spot Santa again. He knew the best time of year to spot Santa Claus was on Christmas Eve so he prepared all year for that day.

17 years after he took his first photo of Santa he spotted him again and this is the photo that was on the front page of every newspaper in the world on Christmas morning.

You can spot Santa Claus on your own during the month of December even if you do not see him with your eyes. Santa’s job is to spread the spirit and joy of Christmas and when he delivers the gift of Christmas our hearts open up.

Maybe you see a man stop his car to help a blind woman cross an intersection or watch a child place his chore money in a collection plate. These acts of kindness are the spirit and joy of Christmas.

When these moments happen you can be certain that Santa is there. Even if you don’t physically see him listen for the jingle of sleigh bells, the sounds of reindeer hoofs or the faint echo of Santa’s laugh.

Santa Claus is in our lives and hearts everyday of the year if we allow him in.

Merry Christmas Santa Spotters and remember to let the world know, “I Believe!”

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Let the spirit and joy of Christmas gently fill your hearts throughout the year.Pasquale Murena

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  1. I believe in you Santa Claus I know you are because I keep looking up photos off you and that made me believe more and more the only thing I want for Christmas is the Christmas sprit

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