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Amazing Santa Facts from I Spot Santa

Our employees are able to answer any question you have about Santa Claus. Because we know every Santa Fact there is. Santa has given us insight to some of his most important magical tricks and we have pictures of them.


Magical Hat

Have you ever wondered how Santa is able to transform himself into any size to fit into a chimney or teleport him and others around the world in a split second? All of this is because of his magical hat, without his magical hat Santa loses most of his magical powers. Watch how our Santa Spotters Chip & Bernie found Santa’s magical hat HERE.


Flying Reindeer

There are three pieces that have to fit together to allow Santa’s reindeer to fly. 1. Santa must have his magical hat. 2. Santa must have his magical bell. 3. The last but most important is that there must be the spirit and joy of Christmas in the world. This means that we are all a part of Santa’s magic so make sure you are spreading cheer.


Magical Bell

Santa’s magical bell is a one of a kind gift, given to Santa by an elder elf. Without the magical bell Santa is not able to navigate himself around the world, which means he could not spread the spirit and joy of Christmas on Christmas Eve. One year Santa’s magical bell was stolen and it was found by Chip & Bernie, watch the adventures HERE.

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    isport you because…
    you travel around the world for nearly everyone in the world but it isn,t all about you do you know that.
    at my school it is about jesus birth and we do prays for even when he died on the cross.
    but do you know everyone still loves you.
    thank you for reading santa
    from Isabella grace lomas

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