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Am I On The Naughty Or Nice List

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These questions were compiled to find out if you belong on the Naughty or Nice List. All of us at I Spot Santa worked with Santa Claus to comprise this list of questions to determine if you’ve been good or bad. This quiz will help determine if you have the right stuff to be on the Nice List or if you’re going to receive coal from Santa this Christmas morning.

The quiz will look at these important qualities to determine where you will place on the test:


Do you listen to your parents?

Do you share your toys with others?

If you could give Santa a present what would it be?

When was the last time you ate a healthy vegetable?

Do you use your manners when someone gives you a Christmas present?

How are your grades in school?

Are you responsible with your chores around the house?

How do you spread the spirit and joy of Christmas?

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