11 Tips for Getting a Great Picture with Santa

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The Christmas season is a jolly time of year but not for every child that gets to visit Santa Claus. Parents want the perfect smiling photo of their little one with Santa but that is not always the case. It’s common to have pictures of your little one crying while sitting upon Santa’s lap. What can you do to help prevent these tearful pictures and make sure you are getting a great picture with Santa?

We sat down with Santa and asked him for 11 tips for getting a great picture with Santa, here are the most useful tips to higher your odds for that smiling photo with Santa.

1. Look at your Child’s Schedule

When is their nap time? How about their feeding time? Or when is their bedtime? Avoid these times of day when making your schedule to visit Santa, you want to find your kid’s happiest time of day. When are they most cheerful and playful? The mornings are a good time of day for most children but you know your kids so pick the appropriate time.

2. Remember Santa is their Friend

Santa loves all children and there is no reason to tell your child otherwise. Don’t prep your child with negative explanations such as, “Don’t be afraid of Santa.” or “Santa won’t hurt you.” And never tell them “Don’t cry.” When you say these comments you are making your child think there is reason to be afraid. Let them know they are visiting a friend and give them positive remarks. Tell them how much fun this will be.

3. Introduce them to Santa Before Your Visit

You can make your visit with Santa easier by introducing your little one to Santa before they even arrive for photos. Read your kids books with Santa, take them to your photo location a few days before, and show them videos of Santa. I Spot Santa has plenty of videos with Santa to help you out with that on our videos page.

4. Make them Comfortable

Adorable clothing does not always equal comfortable clothing. When they are really little you want to pick them out comfortable clothing, nothing too tight or itchy. When they are older and they don’t like the choice you made, let them choose their outfit. Give your kids a great experience.

5. Earlier the Better

We mentioned before that bringing your child earlier in the day is ideal for most children but that’s not the only way to get to see Santa early. As we get closer to Christmas Day the malls get busier and the lines to see Santa get longer. Go earlier in the year to avoid lines and crowds, waiting in line isn’t fun for anyone, especially your little ones.

6. Bring Christmas Props

It’s helpful to keep your child distracted during their time on Santa’s lap. Try to bring a candy cane or a Christmas-themed toy. Placing this in their hand will not only keep them occupied but also add to the theme of the picture.

7. Bring Their Favorite Toy

Adding on to our last tip, bring their favorite toy. If needed let your little one hold on to it during the photo, don’t worry about it not being part of the theme. It’s always nice to see their favorite toys in photos even if it is a Frankenstein stuff toy their favorite Uncle gave them.

8. Interact with Santa

When you first walk in and see Santa, smile! Be excited to see Jolly Old Saint Nicholas! Make sure you and your spouse give Santa a high five or shake his hand. Then have your little one do the same thing. Give Santa a hug and

This will help your child to see that Santa is a friend and they have nothing to fear about him.

9. Avoid Other Crying Children

If the kids in front of you are afraid of Santa there is a good chance your little one will be too. When there are two parents have one wait in line while the other one takes the other one away to have fun. Or if you’re alone bring their favorite book or give them music to listen to with earphones. Make sure it’s Christmas music because it’s the best music out there!

10. Be Ready to Join in on the Photo with Santa

There is a very good possibility that your little one won’t be happy to take a photo with Santa without their favorite people. Mommy and daddy! Why not join them in the picture? The more the merrier and because you read this post you’ll be ready to join in on the picture. So don’t forget to do your hair that morning.

11. Remember any Photo with Santa is Memorable

Don’t be disappointed if your little one still cries in the photo, they are adorable no matter what. One day you will look back at the photo and smile thinking about the day you took that photo and remember there is always next year!

Bonus Tip!

Bring your little one’s list for Santa Claus, it’s not every day you get to visit with Santa Claus.

That’s it! You should be ready to take your little one to visit Santa Claus and make sure you are getting a great picture with Santa. If you have any more tips leave them in the comments below to help out other parents. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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