NP Newsroom, Denali Park: The Puffy Jacket

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The North Pole Newsroom spends all day and night spotting Santa Claus for us at I Spot Santa headquarters. Santa Claus has told field reporter, Kent Cook that if he shows up to Denali National Park in Alaska and Santa will give him an early Christmas present. All Kent has to do is clap his hands when Santa comes by to notify his location, too bad Kent put on extra layers to keep warm.

Denali National Park is the site of the highest peak in the North American continent called Mt. McKinley. Brown bears and caribou are native to the park and on a drive during the day it is common to spot these animals among others. The rarest inhabitant of the park is the Wood Frog who will allow itself to freeze over during the winter and then in the spring wake up again. The frog’s heart stops beating and its lung do not breathe again until the spring thaw.

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  1. DearSanta,
    Please leave something special in Carol’s stocking this year.
    Something real catchy…
    Like maybe a mouse trap
    filled with Limburger cheese…
    Your biggest fan.

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