Chip & Bernie: The Misfits 3 of 4

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The highest honor that you can receive from the North Pole is the Key to the North Pole and Santa Claus is presenting Chip & Bernie this honorable gift. Since the world famous Santa Spotters saved Christmas and has helped spread the spirit and joy of Christmas it is only fitting they should receive one but someone is out to make Chip & Bernie look mischievous and sabotage Christmas.

In part 3 of 4 with the possibility of Christmas being cancelled, our favorite Santa Spotters Chip & Bernie have been searching high and low for the imposters so they can prove their innocence to the world. Their technique for catching them can be tricky but they comedy duo are dedicated to saving Christmas, even if it means getting Bernie into some sticky situations. Lucky for Chip & Bernie their friend Kent Cook believes they are innocent and is working to help them out.

Watch the final episode of Chip & Bernie’s adventure HERE.

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