Chip & Bernie: Santa’s Magical Hat 2 of 4

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Santa’s magical hat is what gives Santa his magical powers, Santa cannot start his Christmas Eve ride without it. Santa Claus lost his magical hat and since Santa flies all around the world he has no idea where he lost that hat. He has asked the world famous Santa Spotters Chip & Bernie to help him find his magical hat and they gladly accepted. Chip & Bernie will leave no rock unturned to help save Christmas.

In part 2 of 4 Chip & Bernie have located Santa’s magical hat but it is on top of a very, very tall pole. Luckily Chip has built a catapult that someone can sit on and be shot up into the air to grab the magical hat. Chip cannot pull the cord that releases the catapult and sit in the chair so he has Bernie do it. Hopefully they can grab Santa’s hat before it is too late.

Watch the third episode of Chip & Bernie’s adventure HERE.

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