Santa Claus Sightings

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See Santa Claus fly through the sky at Pasquale Murena’s I Spot Santa™ your home for the largest collection of Santa sightings in the world! With over 100 sightings at all your favorite locations such as New York, Paris, London and even the North Pole you are sure to be inspired in A Holiday Tradition™!

Santa Tracker

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Come back on December 1 for the first santa sighting of 2015. Our video elves are getting their equipment ready and preparing to get out into the world to track Santa Claus and to bring the spirit and joy of the holiday season home to you.

Holiday Activities

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We’ve put together a handful of activites that are fun for the kids and inspires them to be creative. Make your own gingerbread man or a snowman, you’re sure to decorate your house with homemade Christmas cheer.