Christmas Penguin Craft (Printable)

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Join the North Pole Newsroom’s star reporter, Kent Cook, as he embarks on a thrilling journey to locate Santa at the South Pole. Little does he know, he’s in for a heartwarming surprise: a charming colony of penguins! These lovable creatures have made the icy expanse of Antarctica their home and are thrilled to welcome visitors like Kent.

As Kent continues his expedition, he crosses paths with Chilly and Stormy, the dynamic twin duo who proudly lead Santa’s Fan Club in Antarctica. However, they find themselves in a bit of a flurry, running late for their grand meeting with Santa. This is where your fashion expertise comes into play.

Are you ready to step in and assist these penguin pals in choosing the perfect outfits? Let’s make sure Chilly and Stormy look their absolute best for their important meeting!

Print and Download Your Winter Wardrobe

To ensure Chilly and Stormy look their absolute best for their big meeting with Santa, start by downloading your very own winter wardrobe templates. Whether you prefer a pre-designed look or want to unleash your creative flair with black and white templates to color, the choice is yours. Let’s get these penguin pals dressed to impress for their special occasion!

Download Black and White Version (Color Me)

Download Colored Version (Just Cut Me Out)

Follow the Directions

  1. Cut Carefully: Using a pair of child-safe scissors, carefully cut out the penguin templates and their stylish winter outfits.
  2. Mix and Match: Feel free to get creative! Mix and match different outfits with our penguin pals to create a unique and fashionable look for each of them. Maybe Chilly wants to wear a beanie while Stormy sports a cozy scarf? The choice is yours.
  3. Glue with Care: Apply a small amount of child-friendly glue to the designated areas on the penguins and outfits. Gently press the pieces together to assemble your dapper penguin pals in their winter attire.
  4. Let Them Dry: Give your newly dressed penguins a little time to dry and set. This will ensure that their outfits stay in place as they prepare for their special meeting with Santa.

A Dash of Fun

Mix and match winter outfits to give Chilly and Stormy a unique and stylish look. Let your creativity shine as you prepare these adorable penguin pals for their special meeting with Santa Claus!

Safety First

Remember to involve an adult when handling scissors or any potentially hazardous materials, ensuring that your creative experience remains safe and enjoyable. Your safety is our top priority as you help Chilly and Stormy look their best!

Share the Joy

After you’ve dressed Chilly and Stormy, why not share the joy? If you’re on social media, please tag us or use the hashtag #ispotsanta so we can see and celebrate your delightful creation with you. Your holiday artistry deserves to be shared and admired!

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