2017 Santa Claus Tracker

Are you wondering where Santa Claus is? Don’t you worry, we’ve tracked him down for you and currently he is at the North Pole prepping for Christmas day.

Track Santa Claus at Pasquale Murena’s I Spot Santa™ your home for the largest collection of Santa sightings in the world! You can track Santa Claus all of 2017 as he prepares for his flight on Christmas Eve spreading the spirit and joy of Christmas.

Our live map tracks Santa’s every move and gives you updates every 15 minutes. You’ll be able to follow Santa and his reindeer as he flies from Europe to Asia, to North America and every other continent delivering presents to all the children of the world.

Make sure to click a link below and see Santa flying all over the world with pictures and videos.

Check out these other sightings that have been captured this year on by our Video Elves.