Christmas Bread Recipe | Christmas Dessert

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Every holiday has a dessert that the holiday is known for, like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or Candy Apple at Halloween. At Christmas time it is the Christmas Bread. This Christmas bread recipe will fill your Christmas tradition gap and your belly. One of the best parts of this recipe is the glaze so don’t be afraid to double that …

naughty or nice list

Am I On The Naughty Or Nice List

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These questions were compiled to find out if you belong on the Naughty or Nice List. All of us at I Spot Santa worked with Santa Claus to comprise this list of questions to determine if you’ve been good or bad. This quiz will help determine if you have the right stuff to be on the Nice List or if …

101 Best Christmas Jokes For Kids

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Christmas jokes are the perfect remedy for a cold day during the holidays. And with 101 hilarious Christmas Jokes For Kids you are sure to laugh. Share these during Christmas dinner or tell them to a friend to make their spirits bright. No matter what, make sure to read them all so you get a great laugh this holiday season. …